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About us 


  • El-Safwa Company Medical Devices, Equipment and Medical Supplies since 2008. We are distinguished by a wide variety of medical devices and supplies at unbeatable prices, whether in the commercial sales section of companies and medical institutions or in the prices of the public sales department. 

  • We have medical devices and supplies such as: ventilators, glucose analyzers, physical therapy devices, stethoscopes, bedsores mattress. 


Public and home service department 

Advantages :

  • Providing suitable devices according to the situation 

  • Free training for customers on the devices to prevent incorrect operation. 

  • After-sales service is available all the time through the call center. 

  • Free technical advice  

  • Home medical supplies and equipment such as: 

  • Scales, disinfectants and sterilization supplies, crutches, mobility aids, prosthetic devices, blood glucose meters, medical belts, diabetic foot shoes, silicone heel cup and insole, elderly diapers and slimming suits. 

  • Authorized distributor of Sabona for bracelet pain relief for arthritis. 

Clinics and Commercial Sales Department 


  • Unbeatable prices 

  • Extensive experience in this field 

  • We recommend devices that fit the needs and type of services provided by the clinic 

  • Sports injury equipment. 

  • Electric treadmills. 

  • Sport bicycles. 

  • Crazy Fit 

  • Dermatology and skin-care devices such as Dermapen, dermatology & cosmetics. 

  • Medical threads and surgical mesh of all kinds, different types of stethoscopes. 

  • All English and Pakistani medical instruments used by doctors of surgery, obstetrics, gynecologists, dermatology, plastic surgery, nose and ear...etc. 

Medical furniture :

  • Medical beds - surgical operating table - doctor office furniture’s - gas networks - treatment table - exam table - table lamps - hospital bed mattresses...etc. 


From our clients

Pharmaceutical companies and other sectors such as

  • Alexandria Library  

  • San Giovanni Hotel. 

  • International Maritime Company. 

  • Pharaonic Pharmaceutical Company. 

  • Al-Israa Pharmaceutical Company. 

  • Ahl Al-Fikr Association 

  • Dar El Hayah Association. 

Private sector hospitals

  • Petroleum Hospital. 

  • El Nozha Hospital. 

  • El Madina Hospital. 

  • El Fayrouz Hospital. 

  • Makkah Specialized Hospital. 

  • El Yousr Hospital. 

  • Virgin Mary Hospital. 

  • Romany Hospital. 

  • Farajallah Hospital. 

  • Talaat Moustafa Hospital. 

  • City Hospital. 

  • In addition to many pharmacies and private clinics in Alexandria and other governorates. 

Public sector hospitals 

  • El Amriya General Hospital. 

  • Gamal Abdel Nasser Hospital. 

  • El Miri Hospital. 

  • Students Hospital. 

  • Fever Hospital. 

  • El-Omari Hospital. 

  • El Mowasah Hospital. 

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