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Based on years of experience, we provide all customer needs 


Warranty one to two years, depend on product brand 

Various ventilator types and brands (Italian - German - and others) 

Different ventilator types according to each patient condition 

There is a department to serve clinics, medical centers and hospitals. We also have ventilators for intensive care units such as CPAP - BIPAP. 

Puls oximete 

Ventilators devices such as: Italian spirometer - Turkish spirometer – ventilators - French flumeter network  - Oxygen Concentrator 10 Liter – By Omega. 

Nebulizer machines: Accumed Nebulizer - easy use Nebulizer - Nebulizer Beurer Compact . 


Diabetic blood glucose analyzer devices and test strips 

  • Special offer, replace your old device with a new one for free. 

  • Is your diabetic blood glucose analyzer device not working? or start to give make incorrect readings or not finding the strips of your device? 

  • Exclusively for El Safwa Company Medical Supplies customers 

  • Offer, now you can replace your old diabetic blood glucose analyzer device with a new one. 

You will get a new device to replace your old device, for free, as well as 2 boxes of strips, (100 strips) and you will pay for the strips only. 

Don't miss the opportunity and catch these Grand sale offers 

Health Pro device 

Korean made. 


Result in 5 seconds. 

Small blood sample 

Availability of the test strips 

Limited time offer 

Free inspection for your old device 

Agent and authorized distributor in Alexandria of FineTest Lite, 5 years warranty 

Providing all types of all blood glucose monitoring devices and strips 

Diabetic blood glucose analyzer devices such as Ultra Life - Tango – Direct 

Glucose Test strips such as: GlucoStar, One Touch Ultra and Perfecta 

Gulcose monitoring device needles: Aqua-Chek – Exacta 

ALLSTAR insulin pen,  

We have all insulin pen types 


Physiotherapy devices 


Bedsores mattresses